BV Pro Shop srl is an online e-commerce store of Professional Catering Equipment created to try to satisfy not only pastry shops, cafes, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, butchers, catering and professional kitchens. Through the online shop it is also possible to purchase machinery from the Ho.Re.Ca sector from private individuals from the best leading Italian companies in the professional catering sector. Attentive to the new needs of the market, we have chosen to create this portal in order to make your daily work quick and easy.

Every day our team of professionals, thanks to their decades of experience in the Ho.Re.Ca sector, are looking for innovative products by selecting the best for you.
Our staff consists of a team of motivated and professional people, informed about the catering sector and the products offered, therefore it is able to advise the customer on the most suitable purchase for his needs. The customer is followed at all times: before, during and after the purchase, by trained and competent operators.

We offer a fast quote processing service. With just a few steps, by conveniently purchasing all the items you need online, it will be possible to have an estimate including transport costs.
By choosing the payment methods Paypal or cash on delivery, the shipment will be immediate; in the event that you opt for payment by advance bank transfer, you will be entitled to a small discount with shipping to the balance of the order.
For those less experienced we also provide assistance by sending the quote via email within 24 hours of the request, with photos and detailed characteristics of the product. We will check and provide you with all the useful information to track the package once it has been collected from the warehouse.

BV Pro Shop srl is a virtual shop with daily shipments all over the world. Our strength is the speed of order management and therefore of the shipment as we have 98% readiness of the material, it is the presence of competent and professional operators ready at any time to try to solve any problem.

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