Vacuum packing machine

Vacuum packaging is a very simple system which consists in eliminating all the air present or just some gases from the container, such as oxygen which is the main cause of oxidation. Technique used at industrial, commercial and domestic level. Consequently, it allows to increase the shelf life of food products.

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Code: 200.110
Model: STV 43
Structure in stainless steel
Power: 600 Watts
Double sealing bar length: 430 mm
Maximum depression: 900 mbar
Vacuum pump flow rate: 32 l / min
Equipment: 10 empty bags, 3 cooking bags and 2 valves
Four different modes of operation:
Automatic Cicle
Manual cycle
Vessel emptying cycle
Sealing cycle (for rolls)
Double sealing bar (3 mm wide) with very high thermal resistance
Weight: 8.2 Kg
Dimensions: 480x245x155 cm
Packaging dimensions: 450x250x160 mm
Origin: European Community

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