Knives sterilizer

The knife sterilizer consists of a stainless steel cabinet inside which the washed knives are placed on the rack. An ultraviolet (UVA) germicidal lamp irradiates the knives, sterilizing them. 120-minute timer and 30-minute sterilization of knives. Blade support grid and plexiglass door with microswitch.

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Code: 111.232
Model: DS-1
Power: 20W
Capacity: 16 knives
In stainless steel
Germicidal UVA lamp: for microbiological hygiene
120 minute timer
Sterilization of knives in 30 minutes
Blade support grid
Plexiglass door with microswitch
Weight: 10 Kg
External dimensions: 400x150x615h mm
Internal dimensions: 350x125x480h mm
Origin: Asia

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